CFLE Emeritus Status Awarded to Jim R. Rogers

The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Emeritus status has been awarded to retired CFLE Jim R. Rogers in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of Family Life Education.

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Jim Rogers

Jim R. Rogers, M.Ed, CFLE, is a Family Life Educator, writer, and speaker. He developed the ParentsCare curriculum used in parent education by the Department of Social Services in Horry County, South Carolina, still in use after over 20 years. He later adapted ParentsCare for wider audiences. After creating a 30-hour certification course through the local community college, Rogers certified more than 40 students to take the work into schools, child development centers, counseling offices, and nonprofit organizations.

Rogers has conducted parent, family, and youth workshops for various schools, community centers, and organizations, most notably for Coastal Carolina University, where he was on staff for 13 years. He has also created and developed parenting workshops, leader guides, and training curricula for social services, family courts, child care facilities and school settings.

Rogers wrote a parenting column for the regional family newspaper Parent News for 19 years and continues to appear as a regular guest on local television stations. He has published three books on parenting and has adapted his poetry into a play, Geriatric Monologues, about embracing aging. Along with his wife, Sally Z. Hare, Rogers founded still learning, inc., a publisher of parenting education programs and curricula. 

Prior to making a career change to parenting education, Rogers earned his bachelor of arts in communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He worked for 35 years in various roles associated with commercial advertising and broadcast production for radio, television, and film. His work took him from all over the country to cities including Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. During those years he became an award-winning director/producer of TV commercials, winning two national Clio awards. Nearly four decades later he returned to school and earned his master of education in early childhood from Coastal Carolina University.

In addition to being a CFLE for 20 years, Rogers is a Certified Parent Instructor through the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC). He has also been member of many professional organizations including NCFR and CCIC; the Southeastern Council on Family Relations; Partners For Effective Parenting; National Parenting Education Network; International Alliance of Invitational Education; National Parenting Instructors Association; and the National Effective Parenting Initiative.