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Poster Symposia: LGBT Family Diversity and Impact on Parenting and Child Development; Statewide Relationship Education; Understanding Risk in Family Contexts
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Diversity Among LGBT Families and Its Impact on Parenting and Child Development

Facilitator: E. Rothblum
  • 403-01 FH PO SY - Gay Prospective Parents: Motivations and Predictors of Family Formation
    By Jokelien T. van Houten, Henny M.W. Bos, Samantha L. Tornello
  • 403-02 FH PO SY - Offspring of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study During Emerging Adulthood: What Are the Important Predictors of Their Well-Being?
    By Audrey Koh, Henny Bos, Nanette Gartrell
  • 403-03 FH PO SY - Socioeconomic Status and Family Formation Among Gay Fathers
    By Jason Sumontha
  • 403-04 FH PO SY - Unions in Context: A Study on Female Same-Sex Couples With Children in the Netherlands
    By Henny Bos, Matthijs Kalmijn, Miriam Fischer, Stephanie Steinmetz
  • 403-05 FH PO SY - The Division of Household and Child Care Labor Among Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Parents
    By Samantha L. Tornello

Poster Symposium: How Do You Do It?! Statewide Relationship Education Across Diverse Venues

Facilitator: David Schramm
  • 403-06 FH PO SY - A Latent Class Analysis of Relationship Education Participants at Different Venues: Implications for Programming
    By J. Scott Crapo, Jaqueline A. Miller, Kay Bradford, Brian Higginbotham
  • 403-07 EE PO SY - A Mixed Methods Study of Reaching Youth in High Schools: Youth Relationship Concerns and Gains From Relationship Education
    By Kay Bradford, Raquel Boehme, Jacqueline Harris, Brian Higginbotham
  • 403-08 EE PO SY - Beyond Machismo: A Qualitative Study of Latino Stepfathers' Family Relationships Two Years After Stepfamily Education
    By Sheryl Goodey, David Schramm, Kay Bradford, Brian Higginbotham
  • 403-09 EE PO SY - Focus on Them and They Will Come: A Statewide Case Study on Involving Men in Relationship Education
    By D. Laxman, Sheryl Goodey, Kay Bradford, Bryan Spuhler, Brian Higginbotham

Poster Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Understanding Risk Within Family Contexts

Facilitator: Claire A. Wood
  • 403-10 FH PO SY - Latent Classes of Mothers’ Substance Use Behaviors and Mental Health: Implications for Adolescent Substance Use
    By Bridget B. Weymouth
  • 403-11 FH PO SY - Child Effects on Familial Environments
    By Jamie M. Gajos
  • 403-12 FH PO SY - Family Instability and Nonparental Care Predict Early-Onset Alcohol and Marijuana Use
    By Carol A. Johnston, Sara E. Mernitz, Amanda M. Pollitt

Posters: Parenting Throughout the World

  • 403-13 IN PO - Preliminary Study of Implementing Parenting Education Program in Malawi
    By Boram Lee, Hyun Jeong Kim, Geon Ho Kim, Hye Jun Park
  • 403-14 IN PO - Does a Model of Father Involvement Developed With American Fathers Also Fit Brazilian Fathers?
    By Ligia de Santis, Elizabeth Barham
  • 403-16 IN PO - The Influence of Parenting Behaviors on Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior of Children in Ecuador
  • By Paul Schvaneveldt, Jordan Shuler
  • 403-17 IN PO - Attitudes About Child Support Payments in the United States and South Korea
    By Kwangman Ko, Lawrence Ganong, Youngjin Kang, Ashton Chapman
  • 403-18 IN PO - Exploration of Cultural Influence and Cultural Variability Among Remotely Acculturating Adolescents and Their Mothers in Jamaica
    By Esra Sahin, Gail Ferguson, Jacqueline Nguyen, Katrina Blum
  • 403-19 IN PO - The Moderating Role of Stress-Coping Strategy on the Association Between Parenting Stress and Negative Parenting Behaviors: Immigrant Mothers in South Korea
    By Dahyung Ryu, Ji Young Choi
  • 403-20 IN PO - Exploring Guan With Low-Income Chinese Mothers in Mainland China
    By Chang Su-Russell
  • 403-21 IN PO - The Mediating Effect of Fathers' Parenting Role-Sharing Among Korean Working Mothers
    By Hye-Sung Kim, Grace Chung
  • 403-22 FT PO - Parental Identity as Privilege in the Mandated Participation Process: A Grounded Theory Analysis
    By Sarah Wolford, Spencer Youngberg, Lenore McWey
  • 403-23 FH PO - Paternal Warmth, Maternal Parenting Stress, and Children’s Anxiety/Depression and Aggressive Behavior: Trends Across Time
    By Yookyung Lee
  • 403-24 FH PO - Prolonged Parenting: Psychological Well-Being of Parents During Child Launching Period
    By Soo-Bin You, Meejung Chin, Soyoung Lee
  • 403-25 RT PO - Parenting and Prosocial Behaviors Among Low-Income Adolescents: Considering the Role of Moral Emotions
    By Alexandra Davis, Gustavo Carlo
  • 403-26 RT PO - Predictors of Children's Socioemotional Outcomes Among a Multiethnic, Low-Income Sample: Parental Involvement as a Mediator
    By Aileen Garcia, Helen Raikes
  • 403-27 RT PO - Parenting Attitude Predicts Parental Warmth: A Comparative Path Analysis of Two-Parent and Deceased Coparent Families
    By Erin Donohue, Linda Halgunseth
  • 403-28 FP PO - Profiles of Risk and Parenting for Mothers With Infants in a National Sample
    By Jennifer Mortensen, Hyun-Joo Jeon
  • 403-29 FP PO - Through Their Lens: The Parental Experience of Formerly Incarcerated Black Fathers
    By Sesen Negash, Niedha Welch, Kimberly Ayres, Alba Nino

Posters: Parent-Child Relationships

  • 403-30 FT PO - A Systematic Review of Adolescent Attachment and Intergenerational Transmission of Depression
    By Kate Cobb
  • 403-31 FH PO - Chinese Teenagers’ Reasoning About Parent-Child Conflicts Over Schoolwork
    By Ge CAO, Vicky Tam
  • 403-32 FH PO - The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Parent-Child Communication
    By Akhila Nekkanti, Kyndl Woodlee, Carolyn Scholtes, Elizabeth Skowron

Posters: Family Structure

  • 403-33 FP PO - Antecedents for Relationship Statuses Transitions Among Low-Income, Unmarried Parents
    By Xiaomin Li, Melissa Curran, Katherine Paschall, Melissa Barnett
  • (CHANGE IN TITLE) 403-34 RT PO - Non-Residential Father Involvement and Children's Acceptance of Mothers’ Post-Divorce Repartnering
    By Jacqueline DeAnda, Michael Langlais, Edward Anderson, Shannon Greene (PRESENTED BY MICHAEL LANGLAIS)
  • 403-35 FP PO - Tri-Parenting or Try Parenting: Online Responses to a Nontraditional Family Structure
    By Loriena Yancura, Bridget Walsh, Melissa Barnett, Michelle Hoover

Posters: Mindfulness

  • 403-36 FH PO - Unfolding Relations Among Mindful Parenting, Recurrent Conflict, and Adolescent Externalizing and Internalizing Problems
    By Ye Rang Park, Robert Nix, Larissa Duncan, Douglas Coatsworth
  • 403-37 FH PO - Effects of Mindful Parenting on Protective Factors Against Adolescent Substance Use: A Scoping Review
    By Bolormaa Begzsuren, Robert Allan, Omhagain Dayeen
  • 403-38 FH PO - Mindfulness and Emotion Lability in Couple Relationships
    By Alyson Shapiro, Masumi Iida
  • 403-39 FT PO - Therapist Mindfulness and Vitality: The Role of Psychological Well-Being and Compassion Satisfaction
    By Ashley Martin-Cuellar, David Lardier, David Atencio
  • 403-40 FT PO - The Impact of Mindfulness on Clinicians With a History of Trauma and Their Perceived Compassion Satisfaction
    By Ashley Martin-Cuellar, David Atencio, Ryan Kelly, David Lardier

Posters: LGBTQ+

  • 403-41 FH PO - LGBTQ Competence Wanted: LGBTQ Parents’ Experiences With Reproductive Healthcare in Sweden
    By Sofia Klittmark, Matias Garzon, Ewa Andersson, Michael Wells
  • 403-42 FH PO - Assessing Campus Climate: Implications for Mental Health and Well-Being of LGBTQ+ Students, Faculty, and Staff
    By Matthew Koehl, Dana Weiser, Amelia Talley
  • 403-43 FH PO - Psychological IPV Among LGBTQ College Students: The Role of Family and Microaggressions
    By Ashley Taylor, Tricia Neppl

Posters: Family Therapy in a Variety of Settings

  • 403-44 FT PO - Parental Differentiation as a Predictor of Child Triangulation
    By Kwin Willis, Rick Miller, Jeremy Yorgason, Justin Dyer
  • 403-45 FT PO - The Three-Tier Systemic Supervision Process: Understanding the Experiences of Students and Faculty
    By Jennifer Torres, Lena Lopez Bradley, Mary Moline, Elsie Lobo, Jasmine Board, Toni Dunning
  • 403-46 FT PO - Burnout: Marriage and Family Therapists' Experiences in the Profession
    By Ashley Martin-Cuellar, David Atencio, Elise Ronquillo
  • 403-47 FT PO - Innovative Family Therapist Training: Therapy in Nontraditional Settings
    By Jennifer Krafchick, Toni Zimmerman, Shelley Haddock
  • 403-48 FT PO - The Therapeutic ‘Black Box’: Understanding the Specifics of Therapy
    By Rachel Tambling, Thomas Bischoff
  • 403-49 FT PO - Therapist-Reported Reasons for Client Termination
    By Thomas Bischoff, Lydia Krenicki, Rachel Tambling
  • 403-50 FT PO - De-Escalating Episodes of Conflict in High-Conflict Coparenting Therapy: A Task Analysis
    By Andrea Parady, Brock Sumner, Shayne Anderdson, Rachel Tambling
  • 403-51 FT PO - Differentiation of Self, Stress, and Well-Being in Taiwanese Young Adults
    By Chih-Yuan Lee, Bryan Dik, Catherine Solheim
  • 403-52 FT PO - Relational Ethics Mediating Stressful Events and Psychological Distress
    By Rashmi Gangamma, Tatiana Glebova, Jennifer Coppola, Shaelise Tor, Dyane Watson
  • 403-53 RT PO - A Longitudinal Dyadic Analysis of Relationship Commitment in Couples
    By Hyanghee Lee
  • 403-54 FT PO - There May Be a Problem, But I'm Not Going Because…: Examining Classes of Men and Their Rationales for Not Seeking Mental Health Treatment
    By Hunter Stanfield, Preston Morgan
  • 403-55 FT PO - The Colonial Mirror in Family Therapy
    By Mirna Carranza
  • 403-56 FT PO - Associations Between Emotion Regulation Difficulties and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among Depressed Youth: Parental Interaction Quality as a Buffer
    By Bora Jin, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond
  • 403-57 FT PO - Associations Between Communication Behaviors and Attachment Styles: Testing Gridlock as an Important Mediator
    By Josh Novak, Carlos Perez, Ryan Seedall
  • 403-58 FH PO - Does the Way Parents Fight Matter? Dyadic Parent Conflict Resolution Patterns Predicting Children’s Outcomes
    By Alexandrea Craft, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Posters: Couples Therapy

  • 403-59 FT PO - Emotion Dysregulation as a Mediator of Insecure Attachment and Psychological Aggression in Couples
    By Rachel Cheche, Jeffrey Jackson
  • 403-60 FT PO - Economic Strain and Couple Relationship Functioning: A Meta-Analysis
    By Mariana Falconier, Jeffrey Jackson

Posters: Biomarkers

Posters: African American Families

  • 403-64 RT PO - The Challenge of Forming Romantic Relationships Within the Context of Structural Inequality: Gender Differences in the Dating Experiences of African American Young Adults
    By Leslie Gordon Simons, Tara Sutton, Ronald Simons
  • 403-65 FH PO - The Chosen-One Status in African American Families: Implications for Physical and Mental Health, and Family Relationship Quality  
    By Cortnie Baity, Joseph Grzywacz

Posters: Marriage and Parenting in Different Settings

  • 403-66 RT PO - Redefining Marital Quality: Revisiting Conceptual Roots
    By Michael Fitzgerald, Spencer Youngberg, Thomas Ledermann, Joseph Grzywacz
  • 403-67 RT PO - Sampling Considerations in Longitudinal Marital Research
    By Jeremy Kanter, Christine Proulx, James Monk
  • 403-68 FP PO - The Effect of Using Parental Leave before and after Child Birth(s) on Wage Growth
    By So Young Park, Karen Kramer, Sunjin Pak
  • 403-69 FH PO - Program Evaluation: Helping Latina Mothers Help Their Children Cope With Stress
    By Guadalupe Ramos, Thomas Power, AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, Louise Parker, Yadira Olivera, SuYeon Lee, Karina Silva Garcia
  • 403-70 RT PO - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Observations of Cooperative Coparenting and in Families With Two Children
    By Sarah Murphy, Nancy Hazen
  • 403-71 EE PO - Mothers' Perceptions of Infant Sleep and Comfort With Bedsharing
    By Erron Huey, Wendy Middlemiss, Robin Yaure
  • 403-72 EE PO - Some Traditions Die as Slow as Molasses: Are Sons Still Preferred?
    By Brandi Bragg, I Joyce Chang, David Knox
  • 403-73 RT PO - Parent Psychological Well-Being and Parent-Child Relationship Quality in Families of Children With Autism: An Actor-Partner Model
    By Emily Hickey, Sigan Hartley
  • 403-74 FP PO - Advancing the Parent-Partner Status Through Scientific Inquiry
    By Merle Weiner

Poster: Interventions

  • 403-75 FH PO - Outcomes of a Youth Mentoring Program for Fatherless Boys
    By Tzu-Fen Chang, Dena Kniess, Eric Buschlen, Rhiley Johnson, Angela Harrington

Posters: Emerging Adulthood/Young Adulthood

  • 403-76 FF PO - Emerging Adult Men’s Communication With Parents About Romantic Relationship Maintenance and Dissolution
    By Lea El Helou, Jameson Natwick, April Few-Demo
  • 403-77 FH PO - Facilitating Adaptive Coping Among Young and Emerging Adult Cancer Survivors: The Role of Parental Bonding and Spirituality
    By Natalia Sira, Cameron Foster, Angela Lamson
  • 403-78 FH PO - Factors Associated With Emerging Adults' Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Uptake
    By Deirdre Quinn, Amy Lewin
  • 403-80 FH PO - Greek Organization Membership and Substance Use: The Role of Parental Involvement
    By Samantha Howard, Ming Cui
  • 403-81 RT PO - Changes in Youth Confidence Regarding Future Work and Family Roles
    By Rachel Arocho, Claire Kamp Dush
  • 403-82 IN PO - What Does Twitter Tell Us About Ever-Single in Korea: A Text Mining Analysis
    By Jeenkyoung Lee, Sewon Oum, Jane Park, Jaerim Lee
  • 403-83 FT PO - An Exploration of Change Mechanisms for Ambivalence Reduction in Young Adult Cyclical Relationships
    By Michelle Washburn-Busk, Amber Vennum, Paige McAllister

Posters: Aging and Caregiving

  • 403-84 FH PO - Reflections of Play: Is Play Important Through the Lifespan?
    By Anita Bertram, Brandon Burr, LaDonna Atkins, Kaye Sears, Andreae McGinnis
  • 403-85 FH PO - When Harry Forgot Sally: Opinions toward Caregivers Seeking New Relationships
    By Hunter Stanfield, Erin Yelland
  • 403-86 FH PO - Whose Education Counts? The Effects of Children's Education on Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults in Rural China
    By Yaolin Pei, Zhen Cong
  • 403-87 FH PO - Risk Markers Associated With Caregiver Elder Abuse: A Meta-Analytic Study
    By Annie Johansson, Bryan Cafferky
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