Missing Values, SEM, & Growth Curves Using Stata: A Four-Part Statistics Webinar Series

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September 18, 2014 - October 9, 2014
Free for NCFR members & CFLEs / $249 series for nonmembers
Alan Acock

In this webinar series, you'll receive an introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using Stata, a statistical software program, with Alan Acock, Ph.D. No experience using Stata is assumed.

You'll participate in four 1.75-hour (105 minutes each) webinars focusing on four types of statistical analyses.

Using Stata, you'll learn how to:

  1. Work with missing values when running regression models.
  2. Work with missing values when running path models focusing on mediation modeling.
  3. Estimate full Structural Equation Models (SEM).
  4. Estimate and interpret latent growth curves.

This webinar series is applicable to both students and professionals, as no prior knowledge of Stata is assumed. Each session will build on the Stata knowledge presented in the previous session. 

Approved for 7 CFLE contact hours of continuing education credit.

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For this webinar series you'll need access to Stata, as Dr. Acock will cover hands-on exercises using the software. If you do not have access to Stata, then prior to attending this webinar series please request a 30-day evaluation license from the Stata website.

Approved for 7 CFLE contact hours of continuing education credit.

Please email Jennifer Crosswhite with any questions.

Stata is a registered trademark of StataCorp LP, College Station, TX, USA, and the Stata logo is used with the permission of StataCorp. This webinar series is not sponsored by StataCorp and is not Stata certified.