CFLE-Approved Program Application

Find application forms and instructions and course-content guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Recent graduates of CFLE-approved academic programs can apply for provisional or full certification.

Each CFLE-approved program has a checklist of coursework that has been approved by NCFR to meet the CFLE requirements. Students must complete all courses on the school checklist with grades of C- or better (in addition to an internship/practicum of at least 120 hours) to qualify for application.

Find your school's checklist at the bottom of its page in our Degree Programs Guide.

Applicants must apply within two years of graduation, and all courses on the checklist must have been completed no more than five years prior to graduation. Applicants eligible to apply through the abbreviated application process DO NOT need to take the CFLE exam.

Find detailed instructions and all application forms at the bottom of this page.

Or read a step-by-step guide to application at the bottom of this page (starts on slide 36).

Submission requirements

  • Completed application form

  • Application fee - Provisional Certification: $135 for NCFR Members; $185 for non-members. Full Certification: $220 for NCFR members; $300 for non-members. Please note, application fees are non-refundable.

  • Checklist from CFLE-approved academic program (filled out according to the instructions on the checklist). Find checklists on your program's page in our Degree Programs Guide.

  • Signed copy of the CFLE Code of Ethics

  • Original official transcript showing degree completion and successful completion of the required coursework. Transcript must have a watermark, be embossed, or have other authenticating marks as described on the document. Paper transcripts do not have to be mailed directly from the school or be in a sealed envelope. If you would like to submit an electronic transcript it must be an official transcript and be emailed to Maddie Hansen from the university ("Maddie Hansen" and the NCFR address needs to appear as the recipient if that information is required). Please note that we cannot accept photocopies of transcripts, or transcripts faxed, emailed, or printed by the applicant.

There is no submission deadline for abbreviated applications. Applicants must apply for CFLE within two years of graduation.


Graduates wishing to apply for the CFLE certification must complete all coursework on their school's NCFR CFLE checklist.

Because the application is intended for those who have current knowledge in the 10 Family Life Education (FLE) content areas, CFLE-approved coursework must be completed no more than five years prior to graduation.

The application is only available to students completing CFLE-approved coursework after the school's program has been approved by NCFR. (The program approval date is noted on the school's checklist). Applicants can substitute up to two courses. Directions for course substitutions are included on the checklist and in the application directions.

The courses listed on your school's checklist are required to cover the content for the CFLE certification. Even though a CFLE course might not be required for your degree program, you still need to take it (or an appropriate substitution) if you want to receive the CFLE certification.

Course substitutions

NCFR allows up to two substitute courses on a checklist. Courses used in substitution for CFLE-approved courses must cover the same content and must have been completed with a grad of C- or better. Using the FLE Content and Practice Guidelines, please refer to the information listed under each content area for guidance as to what information needs to be included. While it is not required that every component be address directly, the majority of the concepts must be included.

Substitutions must be approved by NCFR (and must fit in the allowed timeframe). You can request approval of a course prior to submitting your application by sending a request for substitution along with a syllabus for the substitution course to Maddie Hanson. Otherwise, note on your checklist which courses are being used as substitutions and include a copy of the course syllabi (from the time that you took the course). You can do this at the time of application.

Transfer Credits

Some degree programs will accept a course from another college or university as equivalent to one that they offer. These transfer courses are still considered substitutes to the approved course on a CFLE checklist and must be approved by NCFR. There are many circumstances where CFLE requirements are not the same as degree requirements. The criteria used by NCFR to approve a course for the 10 FLE content areas is different than that used by a university department to accept transfer credit, which is why we need to review all transfer courses.


You will need to show proof of successful completion of all courses used on the checklist (including substitution courses) on an original official transcript. If the course was taken at an institution other than the one you are graduating from, and it does not appear on your official transcript (showing course designator, course number, course name, final grade, and when you took the course), you will need to provide a transcript from the other institution. Any course used as part of the CFLE-approved program  application process must come from a regionally accredited institution.

Applying for provisional certification

Provisional certification is intended for those who have demonstrated knowledge in the 10 FLE content areas, but who have not yet had enough work experience hours in family life education to qualify for full certification status.

Provisional certification is valid for up to five years. Provisional CFLEs can pursue full certification as soon as they can document sufficient work experience hours in family life education.

Applying for full certification

If you qualify to apply for certification and you already have sufficient work experience to qualify for full certification, you can complete the application and document your work experience at the same time by submitting the work experience summary form and the employer assessment & verification form.

Family Life Education work experience table

Requirements for full certification Bachelor's degree Master's or Ph.D.
Minimum hours required 3,200 hours of work experience 1,600 hours of work experience


Please visit work experience for full certification for more information on documenting work experience.