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Poster Symposium: Media Characters and Representations of Relationships Throughout the Lifecourse
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8:45 AM
Grand Ballroom C
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Media Characters and Representations of Relationships Throughout the Lifecourse

  • 405-01 FF - Meanings in Gilmore Girls Development Processes and Relational Fields
    By Janis Henderson, Shera Thomas-Jackson, Carol Johnston, Gail Bentley
  • 405-02 FF - Embedded Meanings From a Feminist Perspective in the Messages of Gilmore Girls
    By Shera Thomas-Jackson, Janis Henderson, Carol Johnston, Gail Bentley
  • 405-03 FF - Creating Meaning of Parasocial Relationships With the Gilmore Girls
    By Gail Bentley, Shera Thomas-Jackson, Janis Henderson, Carol Johnston
  • 405-04 FF - The Emergence of the Geron-Com: A Narrative Analysis of Film Representations of Romance in Middle and Later Life
    By Constance Shehan, Morgan Sanchez

Facilitator: Jessica Troilo

Posters: Families in International Context

  • 405-05 IN - The Generational Comparisons of Gender Role Attitude Patterns
    By Hayoung Park, Hey Jung Jun, Susanna Joo, Seonghee Kim
  • 405-06 IN - The Role of Family Relationships in Korean Mother-in-law’s Psychological Well-being
    By Sesong Jeon, Megan Gilligan
  • 405-07 IN - Arab Muslim Women Refugees in the Mid- Atlantic States: Family, Social, and Religious Support
    By Wafaa Khalifah, Barbara H. Settles
  • 405-08 IN - Associates and Gender Differences in Caregiving to Parents-in-law in Mainland China
    By Chang Su-Russell, Kwang Man Ko, Chris Proulx
  • 405-09 IN - The Influences of Gender, Parental Educational Expectation, and Family Culture on the Educational Attainment and Levels of Depression Among Asian Immigrant Youth
    By Jou-Chen Chen
  • 405-10 IN - The Role of Parental Psychological Control during Adolescence on College Students in Korea and the U.S.
    By Sun-A Lee, Yu Jin Jeong, Charles Lynn, Sean Jefferson
  • 405-11 IN - Targeting Individuals who are Vulnerable to being Recruited by Militant Organizations
    By Natalie Richard, Sean Jefferson, Sun-A Lee
  • 405-12 IN - The Family as a Dimension for Building Peace in the Reintegration Process
    By Nadia Semenova Moratto Vásquez, Milton Danilo Morales Herrera 
  • 405-13 IN - Factors Associated with Providing and Receiving Intergenerational Financial Support among Young Adults in Korea
    By Soyoung Kwon, Jeenkyoung Lee, Jaerim Lee
  • 405-14 IN - Americanization & Savings Behavior of Saudi Arabian Families in the US
    By Adnan Alkhiary, Farrell Webb, Ragad Hannon
  • 405-15 IN - Perceptions of Financial Support from Parents, Parental Dating Expectations, and Psychological Adjustment among Young Adults in Korea
    By Jisoo Park, Minjee Kim, Sieun Kang, Jaerim Lee
  • 405-16 IN - The types and characteristics of newlyweds’ couples in Korea
    By Seonghee Kim, Heyjung Jun, Susanna Joo, Hyelim Sin
  • 405-17 IN - The Factors Associated With the Depression of Adolescents in Multicultural Family: A Comparison Between First-married and Remarried Families
    By Jingya Ding, Meejung Chin
  • 405-18 IN - The influence of Language and Culture Brokering on Family Cohesion
    By Diana Cabezas, Carrie Bergeson, Olena Nesteruk
  • 405-19 IN - Attitudes toward Divorce and Patriarchy in East Asia
    By Kwang Man Ko, Lawrence Ganong, Young Jin Kang, Ashton Chapman
  • 405-20 IN - A Longitudinal Analysis of the Women's Satisfaction with Spouse's Housework using Piecewise Growth Modeling
    By Soonbum Kwon, Youngmi Shin, Meejung Chin
  • 405-21 IN - Spirituality Among African-American Families of Forced Migration
    By Genese Clark
  • 405-22 IN - The association of family resources with sense of belonging: A multi-country study
    By Sarah Taylor, Mykesha Jackson, Kari Eller, Qinwei Veronica Zhang, Yan Xia
  • 405-23 IN - Supporting Parents and Parents-in-law in China: Adult Children’s Gender and Community Size
    By Kwang Man Ko, Chang Su-Russell, Proulx Christine M.
  • 405-25 IN - Cognitive Dissonance: Attitudes Toward Gender Roles in the Division of Labor in Family Life in East Asian and Western Industrial Countries
  • By Cheng Huei Hong, Neil Gilbert
  • 405-26 IN - Going Beyond Diet: The Inclusion of Family Routines Education on Health Behaviors.
    By Elizabeth Villegas, Angela Wiley, Bridget Hannon, Viridiana Luna, Margarita Teran-Garcia
  • 405-27 IN - How Polygamy Shapes Family Life: A West African Male Perspective
    By Pearl Stewart, Mame Kani Diop, Rocco Placenti
  • 405-28 IN - Resilience Factors in Single Parent Families Affected by HIV/AIDS
    By Abraham Greeff, Werner Strauss
  • 405-29 IN - Understanding the Structure of the Gender Role Norms in Different Countries
    By Yoshimi Kataoka, Takashi Fukino, Zeynep Copur, Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox
  • 405-30 IN - Acculturative Stress, Family Cohesion, and Depression Among Asian Americans in the United States
    By Jingshuai Du, Yile Su
  • 405-31 IN - Is becoming Christian a way to become American? The Journey of finding the sense of community and belonging among Chinese immigrant mothers
    By Chun Creaser

Posters: Immigrant Families

  • 405-32 EM - Securing Health: Lived Experiences of Rural Mexican Immigrant Women
    By Kimberly Greder, Angelica Reina
  • 405-33 EM - Refugee Mothers Perceptions of Parental Involvement & Experiences in School
    By Bethany Parker, Delores Smith
  • 405-35 EM - Predictors of Paternal Involvement among Immigrants in the United States
  • By Dimple Vadgama, Kamala Ramadoss
  • 405-36 EM - Advancing Healthcare Services by Empowering Immigrant, Refugee, and LEP Families through Child Life Services
    By Kamala Ramadoss, DeAnna Bay
  • 405-37 EM - Through the lens of a Ghanaian: work, family and acculturation of the Ghanaian immigrant in America
    By Rodlyn Yafetto, Kamala Ramadoss
  • 405-38 EM - Ecological Adaptation of Darfuri Families in Colorado
    By Omhagain Dayeen, Bolormaa Begzsuren
  • 405-39 EM - Foreign-Born Student Perspectives on Family, Campus, and Community
    By Neda Moinolmolki, Bethany Willis Hepp
  • 405-40 EM - Mennonite Country: The Role of School Parent Liaisons and School Administrators in the Education of Immigrant Latino Families in North Central Indiana
    By Anayeli Lopez, Ruben Viramontez Anguiano, René Galindo, Thomas Chibucos
  • 405-41 EM - The Promise of Home Visiting with Immigrant Latino Families
    By Megan Barolet-Fogarty
  • 405-42 EM - (MOVED TO 324-30A, FRIDAY NOON) Nuestra Voz: Latinos using narrative as a catalysts for change
    By AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, Drew Betz, Rebecca Sero, Gina Ord

Posters: Refugees

  • 405-43 FP - Testing Models of Family Stress and Resilience in Immigrant Families
    By Debra Bolton, Bradford Wiles
  • 405-44 RSF - Myanmar Refugees’ Resettlement Stress: The Role of Religion
    By Joyce Baptist, David E. Thompson, Emel Genc, Samantha Hofmeister, Qingling Li
  • 405-45 RT - Refugee Stress and Resilience: Application of the Family Stress Model
    By April Masarik, Cierra Abellera, Anna Holdiman, Alexander Knudson, Amber Mack

Posters: Adolescence Therapy

  • 405-46 FT - Peer Relationships, Harsh Parenting and Adolescent Mental Health Concerns
    By Morgan Lancaster, Lawrence Jackson, Spencer Youngberg, Michael Fitzgerald, Lenore McWey
  • 405-47 FT - Interconnection of parent-adolescent conflict and youth adjustment
    By Kathryn Malcom, Scott Ronis

Posters: Adolescence

  • 405-48 RT - Adolescent Self-efficacy and Future Adult Roles: Perceptions of Spousal, Parental, and Worker Self-efficacy
    By Sampson Blair, Patricia Claster
  • 405-49 RT - Examining the Links Between Family Stress, Parenting Dimensions, and Adolescent Morality
    By Alexandra N Davis, Hannah Roberto
  • 405-50 RT - Beliefs about Sex and Contraception, and Adolescent Sexual Health
    By Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova, Alexander T. Vazsonyi
  • 405-51 RT - Parents, Teachers, and Peers and Adolescent Social Anxiety Symptoms
    By Bridget Weymouth, Cheryl Buehler
  • 405-52 RT - Associations between adolescent depression and public health concerns in early adulthood: Family influences for sexual minority youth
    By Beth Russell, Mellissa Gordon, Ryan Watson
  • 405-53 FH - The Impact of Relationships with Family on Homeless Youth: Making Meaning and Finding Strength
    By Shiva Kiaras, Pushpanjali Dashora
  • 405-54 FH - Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Rescue, Restoration, and Reintegration
    By Katie Miler, Michelle Toews
  • 405-55 FH - The Role of Coparenting in Predicting Parental Outcomes among Teen Parents
    By Katheryn Dixon, Michelle Toews, Eric Goodcase, Gabriella Boeger, Norma Perez-Brena, Mark Feinberg
  • 405-56 FH - Adolescent Emotion Regulation & Family Satisfaction: Longitudinal Relations
    By Courtney R. Lincoln, Christine McCauley Ohannessian
  • 405-57 FH - Early sexual debut and risky sex in young adults: The role of impulsivity
    By Brianna Magnusson, Kirsten Evans, AliceAnn Crandall
  • 405-58 FH - At the Crossroads of Family Stress, Self-regulation, and Sexual Risk-taking
    By AliceAnn Crandall, M. Lelinneth B. Novilla, Brianna M. Magnusson
  • 405-59 FH - Teens' Attitudes About Dating Violence Following an Awareness Program
    By Rhonda Buckley
  • 405-60 FH - The influence of neighborhood, family, peer, and developmental transition on adolescent’s sleep-A multilevel prediction
    By Chao Liu, Michael Criss, Amanda Morris
  • 405-61 FH - Associations between parenting, neurobiological variables, and risk-taking
    By Meghan McClanahan, Jennifer Wolff
  • 405-62 FH - Birth Spacing Influence on Maternal and Child Health in Nigeria
    By David Oladeji
  • 405-63 FH - Teen Mothers’ Parenting Stress, Parenting Self-Efficacy, and Child Behavior
    By Kecia Ellick, Amy Lewin, Stephanie Mitchell
  • 405-64 FP - Which Youth Have an Informal Mentor? An Examination of Individual, Family, and Neighborhood Predictors
    By Grace Gowdy, Daniel Miller, Renee Spencer
  • 405-65 RT - Adolescents’ Privacy Rules and Boundaries for Communicating with Nonresidential Parents
    By Melinda Markham, Becky DeGreeff, Kathryn Crimm, Sarah Colburn, Joanna Greenwell

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Families, Fun, and Adolescents: Unique Needs and Supportive Approaches

  • 405-66 EE - Neighborhood, School, Family, and Peers Assets on Latino Youth’s Academics
    By Hector Nolasco, Lisa Dalati, Carolyn Henry, Scott Plunkett
  • 405-67 EE - Examining Facilitator Type in Youth Relationship Education: Traditional vs Undergrad
    By Rachel Savasuk, Julianne McGill, Francesca Adler-Baeder
  • 405-68 EE - Classroom Gender Composition in the Context of Youth Relationship Education
    By Alexander Chan, Kate Taylor Harcourt, Francesca Adler-Baeder
  • 405-69 EE - Are We There Yet? Adolescent Participation throughout Family Travel
    By Jessica McGrew, Grace Lee, Karen Melton
  • 405-70 EE - Different paths: Comparing college-going and noncollege youth
    By Heather Hessel, Jodi Dworkin
  • 405-71 EE - Cambodian Student Council Member Traits: Emotional Intelligence and the Three Goods
    By Chelsea Cooper, Sothy Eng
  • 405-72 EE - Strategies, Support & Stories: What LGBQ Youth Want in a Disclosure Program
    By Emily Gary, Erika Grafsky
  • 405-73 EE - Conceptualizing Berry’s Acculturation Model for Family Culture Development
    By Nicole McAninch, Karen Melton

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Couples

  • 405-74 FT - An Actor Partner Interdependence Model of Commitment, Forgiveness, and RSR
    By Josh Novak, Heather Smith, Jeffry Larson, Kevin Shafer, D. Russell Crane
  • 405-75 FT - Differentiations association with Sexual Satisfaction via Relationship Attributions and Sexual Desire
    By Aimee Hubbard, Jared Anderson, Michelle Busk, Prerana Dharnidharka, Nathan Hardy
  • 405-76 FT - Relationship Help- seeking and the Health Belief Model: How the Perception of Threats and Expectations are Associated With Help-seeking 
    By Aimee Hubbard, Jared Anderson
  • 405-77 FT - Differences in Alliance Between High-conflict vs. Voluntary Couples.
    By Andrea Parady, Shayne Anderson
  • 405-78 FT - Dynamics of Family Economic Pressure, Hostile Marital Process, and Trait Hostility
    By Seonhwa Lee, Kandauda (KAS) Wickrama
  • 405-79 FT - Remembering the Good Times: The Influence of Relationship Nostalgia on Relationship Satisfaction
    By Allen Mallory, Chelsea Spencer, Jonathan Kimmes
  • 405-80 FT - The Effects of Relationship Uncertainty on Pre-marital Education Outcomes
    By Annika Karlsen, Ted Futris, Jenee' Duncan, Victoria Bryant
  • 405-81 FT - A Couples Therapy Framework for Adult Couples with an Intellectual Disability
    By Rebecca Kammes, Megan Lachmar
  • 405-82 FT - Adult Attachment, Neuroticism, & Current Couple Satisfaction
    By Jeffrey Jackson, Flor Yousefian Tehrani, Dean Busby

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Divorce

  • 405-83 FT - The Influence of Divorcing Parents’ Perception of Support for Co-Parent Involvement on Reconciliation Beliefs
    By Todd Spencer, Matt Brosi, Clint Broadbent, Katey Masri, Ronald Cox
  • 405-84 FT - Children and Finances in Divorce Decision-Making
    By Steven M. Harris, Natasha K. Bell, Sarah A. Crabtree
  • 405-85 FT - The Impact of Parental Divorce on Children’s Confidence Levels in Young Adulthood
    By Lawrence Jackson, Stephen Fife

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Technology and Therapy

  • 405-86 FT - “I am not a gadget”: A grounded theory on unplugging
    By Neli Morris, Jaclyn Cravens Pickens

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Therapist Training

  • 405-87 FT - Transformative Service Learning Experiences in MFT Training
    By Tabitha McCoy, Cindy Urrutia, Alyssa Calderon, Jennifer Lambert-Shute
  • 405-88 FT - Therapist context and compassion fatigue: The mediating role of mindfulness
    By Stephanie Armes, Desiree Seponski, Ronald Werner-Wilson, Leslie A. Anderson

​​​​​​​Posters: Relationships

  • 405-89 FT - Effects of Parent Death on Relationship Quality with Adult Children
    By Yijung Kim, Kyungmin Kim, Kathrin Boerner, Kira Birditt, Steven Zarit, Karen Fingerman
  • 405-90 FT - Longitudinal Dyadic Associations between Depressive Symptoms and Relationship Satisfaction
    By Preston Morgan, Scott May, Cameron Brown, Austin Beck, Jared Durtschi
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