Your Toolkit to Promote Family Science

Download Free Resources to Spread the Word About Family Science
  • Making a flier about Family Science for your academic department?
  • Want a graphic to post on social media about Family Science careers?
  • Teaching your students about the identity of Family Science?

In NCFR's online Toolkit to Promote Family Science, you'll find an ever-growing collection of resources supporting the identity of the Family Science discipline — graphics, fliers, posters, email signatures, and more — all available for your use.

The 75+ resources currently in the toolkit are...

  • Free!  
  • Available to download 24/7 — you pick and choose what you need
  • Provided in multiple sizes and file formats for different uses

No permission or attribution is required for these materials, though we'd love to see how you use them — post on social media with the #WeAreFamilyScience hashtag!

See below for more about how to navigate the toolkit and download files.

Link to Toolkit

Go To Toolkit Homepage >>

On the toolkit home screen, you'll see these specific folders you can click into:

  • Graphics for Web & Social Media — smaller file sizes to use on any website or social media pages/accounts
  • Graphics, Print-Quality — larger files for high-quality display on printed fliers or brochures you're creating
  • Email Signatures — small images, plus text options for written taglines
  • Handouts & Fliers — complete PDF fliers for various uses
  • Posters — multiple large designs & sizes so you can print your own posters
  • Articles & Stories — career profiles & links to short background articles about Family Science
  • Interactive Tools — links to other interactive online resources, including NCFR's guides to degree programs and career options

If you're not finding something you need or would like to request a new item, please email NCFR's Allison Wickler.

2 Ways to Download Files

When you're on the toolkit home screen, click into any folder and identify a file you'd like to download. You can either:

1. Click the circle in the upper-right corner of the item, then in the upper left near the toolkit title, click "Download":

Image of how to select and download a file from NCFR's Promoting Family Science Toolkit


2. Click any file to view a larger preview of it. From the large preview screen, click "Download" in the upper left corner to download that file:

Image of how to preview and download a file from NCFR's Promoting Family Science Toolkit


Get back to "Home" 

From the toolkit home screen, you can click into the different folders based on your needs. To get back to the home screen to see all the folders again, click where you see "Toolkit Home (All Files)":

Image of how to navigate back to the homepage of the Promoting Family Science Toolkit


Hover to see full file names

If using a computer with a mouse, hover your cursor over any toolkit item to show a pop-up of the item's full file name:

Graphic showing how to hover over Family Science toolkit resources to reveal file name





Use "Filters" to narrow down further

Within any of the toolkit folders where you see files available, click the funnel icon in the upper right corner to open filtering options. Filter by subtopics, file types, shapes of graphics, and more.

Image of how to open filter options in the Promoting Family Science Toolkit


Follow links to other webpages

Some items in the toolkit are links that will take you to a resource on another NCFR website.

When you see this symbol of an internet browser window and globe, that the item will link you to another webpage:

Image of link symbol used in online download library for promoting Family Science