How Members Powered NCFR in 2019

NCFR members were active all throughout 2019 working to better adapt and position the organization for an ever-changing world. Here is just a sample of what NCFR members accomplished this year:

Elected New NCFR Leaders

The membership of NCFR voted in February to elect five new members to the NCFR Board of Directors and many additional members to committees and member group officer positions. New leaders took office in November. Read More >>


Voted on a New Section Name

The members of NCFR's Ethnic Minorities Section voted on a new name in fall 2019: Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section. The section will continue its mission to help create a better understanding of the variations in families from diverse ethnic groups. Read More >>


Created Two New Focus Groups

The Family Communication Focus Group and Diverse Family Structures Focus Group both came to fruition in 2019. Focus groups allow NCFR members to connect around specific professional interests, and are free for any member to join. Learn More >>


Launched the NCFR Mentoring Academy

A dedicated group of Students and New Professionals members planned and launched the pilot program of the NCFR Mentoring Academy, bringing a formal mentoring program to NCFR. The first class of 12 mentors and 12 mentees kicked off their year in the program at the 2019 NCFR conference. Read More >>


Engaged in New Member Benefits

  • Résumé and Curriculum Vitae Review Program: Twenty-eight members volunteered as reviewers, and 56 members submitted their documents for review during the first round of this program in August.
  • Free On-Demand Webinars: More than 40 on-demand webinars from NCFR are now available free to members; webinars become free to members beginning one year after their live debut.


Planned a New Conference Event with Local Professionals

Members worked throughout the year to plan an initiative that connected practitioners in the Fort Worth area (the site of NCFR’s 2019 conference) with NCFR members and researchers. The events happened in person Saturday at the conference. Read More >>